Commercial Removals

Families aren’t the only ones who move; many businesses and offices also move because of various reasons. Hospital offices, libraries, museums, and business offices relocate more often than you think, and with confidential and sensitive material being transported locally or even internationally, hiring a professional commercial removal service in Brisbane is a wise move.

A commercial removal service is not your typical removal service. This is not a mere packing, loading, transporting, and unloading process. With commercial removals, the office staff is consulted right from the planning stages. They are oriented on how to settle to a new location and how to ensure that the company’s relocation will be completed successfully while minimising disruptions.

Minimum Disruption and Maximum Profit

To ensure minimum disruption and maximum profit for you and your customer, requirements and preparations should be fulfilled by the professionals from our commercial removal company. Prior to removals, a pre-move survey should be conducted to ensure meticulous planning and detailed documentation. This is to identify items that need special packing or protection.

shutterstock_388093309Because commercial removals are a bit complex, it requires meticulous management to still ensure profitability for the customer. Efficient project management is needed so that office documents and furniture can be safely stored until the company is ready to move. Make sure to ask your service provider if they allow moving during weekends or even during the night – this is to ensure efficiency and value for your money.

Services Offered by Brisbane Commercial Removals

Most commercial removal companies who have reliable, fully-managed professional archiving services offer the following services:

  • Disposal of office furniture,
  • Packing and unpacking of fragile office items,
  • Packing of IT equipment and follow up installation,
  • Supply of crates,
  • Archiving,
  • Secure shredding, and
  • Delivery and assembly of new office equipment.

Make sure to check in with your commercial removal company if they are licensed waste carriers who can securely destroy confidential office documents on-site and send them for recycling.

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