Packing Services

One of the biggest challenges of moving is packing your furniture and belongings safely and securely. Sometimes, packing can be more stressful than the actual moving. You’re always worried on how to ensure your fragile belongings don’t break, that your furniture do not get damaged, and your valuables stay intact during the move. The good news is that moving companies now have professional packing services to its customers to give them a hassle-free, annoyance-free moving experience.

Types of Service Offeredshutterstock_373851313

Depending on your packing needs, there are many types of packing services available. For homes, you can choose form the following:

  • Full Pack

 This service is perfect if you want the ultimate professional packing experience. You don’t have to worry about anything since specialists will handle all the packing and package materials you will need. Specially designed moving boxes are also used to ensure the safety of your belongings. You can also opt to have them unpack your belongings when you get to your new home!

  • Kitchen

One of the most delicate rooms to pack is the kitchen. This is because of all the fragile belongings that can break from moving. The kitchen service lets professionals pack everything in your kitchen, except for the sink. This is to ensure that your belongings are safe and damage-free.

  • DIY Pack

This service lets you do everything but the transportation part. You pack up your home. The movers then ensure that they are safe for transit, and they transport them to your new home.

  • shutterstock_293581835Wardrobe Service

Some moving companies also offer the wardrobe service. In this service, they collect all hanging items from your wardrobe, fold them neatly into moving boxes, and safely hang them in your new home.

  • Single Item

This service is most convenient for those who do not have much to pack. With the single item pack, you will only have to tell the service-providers what items you will pack, then they will come in with the materials you need and help you with the packing.

Spare yourself from the hassle and leave it up to the professionals to handle the task for you. Call us today or send your details through our contact page for more details.