Vehicle Transport

One of the biggest worries moving families have to deal with is how to move their vehicles. Moving to a new home, especially if it is long distance, can be a bit complicated and stressful. This gets even more complex if you own multiple cars. Some states have different emissions and safety standards, so it’s better to check with a state motor vehicle officer first before transporting your car. If everything goes well, then it’s time to think of how to transport your vehicle. It’s a good thing that professional Brisbane auto movers now exist to help you move your vehicles safely and conveniently.

Auto Movers


Auto movers are professional moving services that specialise in shipping automobiles. They are experts at transporting auto vehicles, and even boats or other recreational craft. These auto movers use either an open truck or an enclosed truck when delivering automobiles.


Your auto mover will negotiate the price with you depending on the distance you need your vehicle moved, the make/model of your auto, its operating condition, its weight and size, the services offered by the hauler, and the insurance coverage provided by the hauler.

Door-to-Door Versus Terminal-to-Terminal

Many auto movers offer door-to-door services for the convenience of their customers; however, this can come at a price. To save on transportation cost, you may opt for a terminal-to-terminal service. A terminal or a “hub” is where cars are loaded, transferred, and unloaded. Because you have to drop off your vehicle at a hub and pick it up at another hub, you’re saving the hauler time, effort, and money – which means more savings for you too.

Other Services

Aside from door-to-door service and terminal-to-terminal service, you can also opt to have someone drive your car. This method can save you money but delivery time will depend on driver availability and other factors.

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