Self-storage, also known as “storage units”, are usually leased to tenants on a short-term basis. Depending on the purpose, self-storage units are classified as personal storage units, business storage units, college student storage units, and vehicle storage units.

The idea of using storage units may sound too risky for some. However, with our company, you can assure the safety, security, and accessibility of your possessions. If you’re worried about easy access to your storage units, don’t fret! You can easily access your belongings as long as you visit during gate hours.

Storage Units, Sizes and Features

shutterstock_171664262Sizes vary depending on the tenant’s needs.

  • The smallest storage unit can be the size of a half bathroom, which is perfect for string small furniture and boxes;
  • The largest unit can be the size of a living room where large furniture sets and appliance can be stored.
  • If you’re planning on relocating or renovating your home, self-storage units are the practical choice and allow you to easily store your furniture, garden equipment, and other keepsakes;
  • The business storage units keep office files, supplies, file cabinets, and office furniture safely and securely; and
  • The vehicle storage units can protect tenant’s RVs or automobiles.

Many self-storage units have climate-control features so that you can be assured that your belongings are kept at a set temperature to protect them from extreme cold, heat, and humidity. If you’re planning on storing delicate belongings like electronics, photos or even artworks, do not forget to ask your self-storage service about climate-controlled units.

Accessible Storage Unit Locations

You can opt to have your belongings stored in an indoor or outdoor storage unit. Indoor storage units are located inside a building with moving carts, large-freight elevators, and wide hallways. For large and heavy furniture, outdoor storage units are more accessible. Do not worry about the doors being big enough because they certainly are. Most storage units have roll-up doors that are similar to garage doors. You don’t need to worry about size or about the door swinging and getting in your way.

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