Timber Modules

Due to different demands and needs of customers in keeping their belongings safe; many different types of storage unit materials have emerged. One of the most popular ones in the market today is timber storage modules. Timber modules are a popular choice among customers and businesses alike because of its efficiency and flexibility to be purpose-built.

What Are Timber Storage Modules?shutterstock_335656058

Timber storage modules are a storage method used by storage and removal companies which involves the packing and wrapping of goods into purpose-built wooden modules. Timber modules are vermin-free and dust-free so you are assured that your belongings are safe and secure. Each storage module is also labelled and secured before being stacked away for a long-term storage. However, timber storage modules are also great for short-term storage.

Because of the hot and humid climate around Australia, a timber storage module is best in keeping your belongings from deteriorating. These custom-made timber storage modules are designed to allow constant airflow. The proper air circulation prevents sweat and moisture from creating mould inside the storage module. This is also helpful in preventing rotting and staining.

Depending on the goods to be stored in them, timber modules can vary in size. The most common sizes are 10m3 and 5m3, both of which are perfect for small consignments. If you are going to use timber modules for long-term storage, say storing most of your belongings from your home, you will need about 3 to 4 timber storage modules. The best thing about timber storage modules is that you only pay for what you need, as they are custom-made and purpose-built. Timber modules also reduce the need to stack heavy items atop each other.

With timber modules, transportation is also a breeze since these custom-made modules are designed to fit inside a customised removal truck. Your module will be sent to your home where experienced professionals will be handling the loading of your belongings. The timber cranes are then transported back and stored to a warehouse.

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