Before you move

Increase the value of your home before you move, before you start packing boxes and booking the removalist, get this stuff sorted out so that you can maximise your return on the sale of your home.

cleaning house

Cleaning house before you move

Preferably you will even get your house before you try and sell it. There are few things that will detract from the value of a sale as much as a messy house, unkept garden and shabby fixtures.

Cleaning though is one job that you might start on and feel is an endless rabbit warren of nooks and crannies that suck your attention. So make it easier on yourself, you’ve got plenty of other things to worry about anyway, and have a talk with the people at Nest Home Services, they have a moving / bond clean service that will help get you out of your old home sooner.

Staging and styling your home

There’s lots of reasons to consider staging your home when you are moving out. Your real estate agent will know that for a good quality property aimed at a discerning buyer the staging of the property with suitable furnishings and colour coordinated decor can add easily up to 5% to the sale price of a home.

interior designer living room

If you would like some inspiration for staging your home or maybe you would like to talk to some professional interior decorators then here are some suggestions:

Style Fairies – Style Fairies work on behalf of real estate agents to dramatically improve the interior styling of a house or unit for sale.

Jeannie Little Designs – Our expert knowledge and experience and our passion for designing great spaces helps you LIVE your LIFE WELL by taking the stress and drama out of making design decisions and selections.

Home Staging Brisbane – Home staging is simply the merchandising of a house to capture the hearts and offers of potential buyers so that a house gets sold quickly, for the best price and with the least stress.

Tailored Home Styling – Tailored Home Styling is founded through Marion Taylor’s passion for home r

enovating, styling and decorating.

Painting and Decorating

painting house

So you’ve decided it’s time to move house. There is plenty of evidence that painting your house, inside and out, even the roof, can improve the sale value of the home. The roof and the exterior paint are the first thing the potential buyer sees as they are driving towards the house and so it makes a great impression on them if it looks shiny and brand new.

If you get a quote from a painter like TruCoat Roofing (and Painting), they can paint the roof but also while they are there they can paint some or all of the outside and if you want even the inside of the house. Just think, even if the painting costs $5000 or more that could come back to you in multiples when it comes time for your real estate agent to negotiate with the buyers.

Solar Power

While we are on the topic of adding value to your home there is good reason to believe that adding solar power will increase the value of your home to potential buyers and renters as this article on points out.

Solar systems such as those installed by Solarhart Sunshine Coast are not all that expensive. The cost of solar has dropped considerably since it was widely available in Australia and you can certainly see how for a modest investment the perceived value by a buyer who has some interest in their ongoing expenses and an environmental mindsit could see the value in such and be willing to pay more for a property with a good quality solar system installed.

solar pv installation

If you look at the article on they quote Origin as saying:

Phil Craig, Executive General Manager Corporate Affairs at Origin says people should start recognising their roofs as a significant asset.

“This research demonstrates that solar panels could provide a real boost for home owners if they decide to sell. Origin want to encourage Australians to start recognising their empty roof space could be an asset,” says Craig.

The point is clear. There is evidence in buyer behaviour that solar power on homes is a preferred option as it demonstrates investment in the home and reduces the running costs of the home.