Local Moving and Storage

There are a number of other businesses in Brisbane that we are happy to recommend.

self storage facility

Self Storage

The kind of storage we can offer is not really intended that someone will want access to their items while in transit. That’s why we can offer storage so cheaply but we understand and that’s why we would suggest if you are looking for the drive-in / drive-out roller door type of self storage then you may look to get a quote from a local provider like

Storage King. Of course if you want we can help move your items from your home into a facility like Storage King if that suits you better than the containerised storage we normally recommend.

Packing Boxes

packing boxes

If you would like packing boxes we can easily provide these as part of the removal service. We keep a whole range of packing boxes in stock and can give you a great deal on them. However if you just need boxes for any occasion then a service like BoxNgoBoxes or SuperCheapBoxes may be suitable because you can orde

r just a few boxes and get them delivered by courier. As mentioned

though if you need boxes as part of moving home or office then please ask and we can supply them.

Moving home in south Brisbane

Are you close to the city of Brisbane in the south west region? The depot and removals service that Brisbane Moving operate from Darra is well placed to assist if you are in that area.removalist near darra south of brisbane

So if you are in Darra, Mount Ommandy, Oxley, Durack, Archerfield, Forest Lake, River Hills or Richlands and suburbs in that area then get in touch with the team at Brisbane Moving so that they can give you the best price due to your close location to their storage and moving hub.

moving home

Moving home in west Brisbane

If you are out in the west of Brisbane along road 33/37 in locations such as Kenmore, Brookfield,

Fullenvale, Anstead or Mount Crosby then you may be worth worth getting in touch with the people at Brisbane Removals and Storage who are well placed to assist in that region of Brisbane.

They provide all the usual services you would expect of removalists and can give a quote on the move so long as you have a good inventory of all the items you need to transport.