Removal Containers and Transport

Removal services are very convenient whether you’re:

  • Moving out of your home for college,
  • Moving out of the city or the country,
  • Renovating your home and need space for your furniture, or
  • Thinking you just have too much stuff that you need a storage unit to keep your belongings while you don’t need them.

Among the most common concerns of customers is the removal container and the transport service offered by removal companies. Below are some of the common removal container and transport services offered by Brisbane removals and storage facility businesses.

Shipping Containers

shutterstock_240893662When it comes to removals, many removal companies offer high quality containers designed to take care of your furniture and belongings while in transport. They vary in sizes; however, the standard industry approved size is 20 ft. x 10 ft. x 8 ft. high cube container. The best type of shipping containers should have wooden floors and not jagged metal flooring. This is to protect the legs of your furniture from breaking off. They should also have air only breathers for proper air ventilation to protect your furniture and other delicate belongings.

Transport Services

  • Self-load

The self-load option allows customers to load containers with their belongings, and the transportation is left to the professionals. Many removal transport services allow transport anytime anywhere.

  • Container help

If you need help with your container, then our removal professionals will come and assist you with your packing, loading and unloading in and out of the container. You get to choose how much involvement you want to give.

Note: Many removal trucks are equipped with a hydraulic lift system designed to minimise shifting of your contents. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting damaged during delivery. Only professional drivers who are experts at delivering containers are allowed to handle our containers. This is in order to minimise the possibility of damage.

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